Recent Calls
Thu. Apr 15th 2021
5:56PM FIRE Box 1205 Engine 12, Utility 2 Ambulance 292 C and D Canal Bridge Chesapeake City MD
Tue. Apr 13th 2021
10:12am EMS Box 1201 Ambulance 292 Augustine Herman Hwy Chesapeake City MD
Tue. Apr 13th 2021
6:34pm FIRE Box 1205 Engine 12 C and D Canal Bridge Chesapeake City MD
Mon. Apr 12th 2021
12:29pm EMS Box 0200 Ambulance 291 Biddle St Chesapeake City MD
Sat. Apr 10th 2021
1:23am FIRE Box 1201 Engine 12 Augustine Herman Hwy Chespeake City MD Bohemia Manor High School
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Maryland State Firemans Association

Volunteer Trumpet


Maryland EMS Newsletter

Maryland Fire and Rescue Institute

Cecil County Department of Emergency Services

Responder Safety Learning Network

US Fire Administration



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